Wall-mounted driving cat and dog machine
Product Information:
J-0902-type Wall-mounted driving cat and dog machine. It can sense the infrared of wavelength 9 ~ 10um which issued by warm-blooded animals within a certain range, When a dog or cat activities in front of it at angle 110 °, 30-foot fan-shaped area, The machine is triggered immediately and issued a strong 10-second ultrasonic strident (people can not hear) As a dog or a cat can not stand such a strong stimulus, it will immediately flee. This product is very suitable for use in hotels, restaurants, courtyards, garages and other places.


Installation Method: Installed in cats and dogs only way to enter,on the wall of 60-100 cm high from the ground, Is no leaks or not humid and there is no direct sunlight place. according to a fixed wall-mounted plate punch holes and use screws and rubber plug fixed wall-mounted plate, and also need installing a power outlet nearby. Push the ball joints which on the back of the machine into the wall plate, adjusted to the circular "eyes" at the top of the "mouth" in the next position can be slightly downward-sloping. For more information, please refer to picture.


Usage:  When the power supply plug into the right side of hole, the green power indicator light and red ultrasonic emission indicator light will be brighten, 5 minutes later, the circuit stability, and enter the standby mode, When the installers left the scene only after the green light and red light does not shine. When a dog or cat into the control range, there will be 2x120dB ultrasonic issue, And it will resume to the standby mode after the animals flee. If the machine installation position have personnel frequently move around during the day, you will frequently activate the machine, it is best to unplug the power to extend the service life.


Power Supply: AC 9V 300mA (City Electric Supply)




1. Do not install in  damp, leaking sunlight and easy to encounter a place.
2. Do not be inverted or horizontal installation, so as not to affect the sensitivity and reliability.
3. Do not let the ear close to the launch window (round "eyes") so as to avoid discomfort.


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