Driving dog,dog no barking machine
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Main function: This product can be used driving dog, cat .training dog, dog no barking.


A brief description:


1:  Dog no barking: when the dial switch to "AUTOMATIC" position the device is on no barking state. then the green light flashes to show on no barking and into the automatic expulsion of a state, When a dog barking for three times that will trigger the machine to enter the working state, The machine will issuing 23KHz ultrasonic what duration 10S, at the same time " STOPPER "bit of a red light flashes to alert cats and dogs," the voice from here. After several days of training, the dog for fear of ultrasound on the stimulus and no longer barking.


2:  Driving the dog: No matter what function allocated to the location of switches, as long as the Ultrasonic generator Toward dog of Trying to bite, pressing the button (triangle symbols) "STOPPER" at Back, which will be issuing 23KHz ultrasonic of 120dB strong, can be effective in the expulsion of dogs. This red light on top of button is the Show of ultrasonic launching.


3:  Training the dog: Function switch dial in the "OFF" position, With the Ultrasonic generator toward dog, Pressed the button (circle) "TRAINING CALL" at Back, which will be issuing 23KHz ultrasonic of 100dB strong, with gestures and password, your dog can be trained to do some specific action. After a period of patient training, dog can be commanded by single-use devices. And people can't hear the voice of ultrasonic, what seems some mystique.


Power:  9 volts fold level battery.


Attention:  Dont emit ultrasonic wave to your ears directly! This can let people feel uncomfortable. And you'd better not teasing the dog with this product.



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