Remote control electronic lock
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When you are ready to travel smoothly locked the door if is always felt that not enough insurance? If you added a new remote control locks, I believe will be more practical.


The electronic lock which password using the wireless remote control technology, compared to other Similar Products in the market, reliability and safety performance greatly improved, And lower prices. Overcome the leakage and malicious code scanning decoder fatal flaws, illegal unlock when the alarm will be triggered, Issuing a great warning sound. When the supply of AC was stopped, Power could supply from the built-in rechargeable battery. Unlock password code of up to 104,000 groups, virtually non-artificial crack. Each electronic lock is equipped with 4 beautiful remote control, at a distance of 2-3 meters in front of office can open the door locked (for security reasons, remote control can not be too far away from) the entire hardware circuits using the program, the shell is made by stainless steel, very reliable performance.


 Kilter Electronics & Technology Co., Ltd.

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