Infra-red remote control lampholder
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Infra-red remote control lampholder



 Functions:  for the cost of the traditional lamp products, the use of television sets, DVD players remote control of any key, you can achieve the remote control switch on the lights.

 Purposes:  to rest at night, you do not have to turn off the lights on the dark looking for a bed, then sitting in bed watching television holding the remote control to turn off lights, save the trouble of lights to get out of bed, very suitable for the elderly, children and patients. If the wiring on the use of this lamp, and switches and switch cabling eliminated.

 Note:  In order to avoid mutual interference with the TV, each time button is greater than 1 second, as far as possible the use of idle key; control, remote control to point to the lamp cap; installed infra-red receiver to facilitate the control of the window towards the direction of , next to a window shade paper, organized into the vertical surface and products; in infrared light due to the interference, turn on the lights, and savoring the sensitivity is slightly lower than the sensitivity.

 Specifications:  voltage range 190-240V, frequency range 50-60Hz, maximum load 100W remote distance 8m

 The application of lighting:  incandescent bulbs, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps.

 Characteristics:  an increase of EMC of the product circuit, effectively overcome the similar products that can not be connected to energy-saving lamps and vulnerable to interference ills; the use of a special IC, the load power and a substantial increase in the scope of application; shell using high temperature resistant and flame retardant materials phenolic resin; specifications comply with IEC standards.


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